A Personal Cloud for The Rest of Your Life

Permanent Computing is an initiative to build everything that anyone would need to use free, open-source software to power their lives.

Why? We think there�s a lot of room for improvement in the apps we use:

  • They�re always changing with new bugs, redesigns, pricing tiers. We want our tools to just work and stay that way!
  • You can�t add your own features, or pay other developers to.
  • Every app is hosted in a different cloud, by a different team. Who knows if it�s all secure? It seems like every day a new company is hacked!
  • The best apps get acquired! And then sometimes abandoned, shut down, or the price goes up.
  • Some companies behind the best apps do creepy stuff with the data they gather on how you use it.
  • Ads. Surely there is a better way to reward the creators that make the best apps!

Tell us about your current frustrations with how you compute?

So we�re making a Permanent Computer. What should that look like? Here�s what we�ve got so far:

  • Free as in Freedom: You should know what your computer is doing, and not just have to take one company�s word for it. Any expert, including yourself, should be able to read the code behind each app, know what it�s doing, find vulnerabilities, and fix them. You should be able to add (or remove) features to any app.
  • Sustainable: To be Permanent, we need to be able to sustain this forever. No short-term funding strategies or plans to sell out. We hope all our users work together to sustain this permanently by paying a fair price for what they use.
  • Accessible: one that anyone can use. You shouldn�t need to use the command line to have free, permanent computing
  • Independent: Your Permanent computer should not depend on this organization or any other. You should be able to cut the cord at any time or build your own alternative to any cloud services provided by Permanent.company.
  • Owned or rented: it�s your choice: You should be able to run your apps on devices that you own, and not be tied to monthly recurring costs with no way out.
  • Elastic: You should be able to burst� into the cloud when needed (e.g. to try a new app), and scale back down whenever you are done. Pay by the minute for what you use. You should always be able to add more devices to your Permanent Cloud Cluster to add capacity and reduce monthly cloud fees (to zero, if you want).
  • Modular: Need more storage? Plug in your old external Hard Drives. Want to save on electricity costs?
  • Efficient: Do more with less. Share your excess capacity with friends and family.

If you had this easy-to-use, flexible, elastic, Permanent Computer, what would you do? Well� there are a lot of options. Here�s what we look forward to:

  • Hosting websites and blogs for ourselves and our businesses
  • Chat rooms (including p2p video chat) for our friends and colleagues to collaborate in
  • Storing our photos and videos privately and cheaply
  • Private notes, bookmarks, annotations, and journals
  • Crypto wallets and miners. Do you really want to store your savings in someone else�s cloud?
  • Developers: store your own code, documentation, CI/CD pipelines, and analytics suites! Build apps for yourself, and then share them with everyone else.

What can you imagine? Any app that can be #selfhosted will run on your Permanent Computer

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